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Getting buy-in for your big ideas

Vibrant. Exhilarating. Complicated. Messy.

We're not talking about your love life. We’re talking about working in an institutional setting, where getting things done is no simple task. If you’re looking at launching a major initiative, an interdepartmental project, or moving forward with your climate action goals, you need to draw from a different toolkit than your job description outlines—you need to be persuasive.

Spotlight: Vice President of Planning and Customer Engagement

GreenerU's Jennifer Haugh leans into the complex. Learn how she believes in the healing powers of stakeholder engagement—and how her background in art and music makes her the perfect fit to lead your climate action planning process.

New resource available: prioritizing and aligning climate neutrality with your institutional goals

With everything else competing for funding, bandwidth, and attention, how do you integrate climate neutrality efforts with other campus priorities?

From grassroots advocacy to the power of three: tips and tricks to engaging leadership

What is leadership? You might think it’s your campus President—and you might be right. But campuses are more complicated than straightforward hierarchies, and there are tried-and-true ways to empower and engage supporters of climate mitigation that draw from best practices in grassroots advocacy and strategic communications.

Moving a glacier in sixteen parts: lessons from GreenerU’s own strategic plan process (Part I of II)

Strategic plans do a great job of helping organizations gain alignment and focus on common outcomes. But one of the trickiest parts about developing a plan is actually implementing it. Here at GreenerU, we put ourselves to the test. This is Part I of a two-part article.

They’re not unicorns! Five tips for productive meetings

Whether you have skin in the game or able to play a neutral role, as facilitator, you are there to help guide the room from Point A to Points B, C, and D. You are in charge of keeping the momentum going, ensuring you have created an inclusive agenda, and helping your group meet their goals. So, what do you, as facilitator, do to ensure your meetings are productive?

System change, not climate change: how K-12 schools are addressing sustainability for a generation of climate activists

Nearly 4 million people participated in worldwide climate strikes last September, in solidarity with 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who made the trek to New York City across the Atlantic by boat. It’s no coincidence that teenagers are some of the most engaged climate activists today. How are their schools rising to the challenge?

Wiping out institutional zombies: how ECU is implementing its sustainability plan with soul

Many campus sustainability offices are challenged with the urgency of climate change against the pace of academia. So why are so many sustainability efforts still trapped in meetings that resemble the undead?

The Big Green: Dartmouth College confronts one of the foremost challenges facing humankind

Dartmouth envisions its campus as a place where operations are reimagined to prioritize human and environmental well-being, piloting the best solutions. GreenerU went behind the scenes to help connect this historic campus with building efficiency.

Right-sizing laboratory ventilation: Smith’s Ford Hall gets an energy retrofit using a three-pronged approach

Ford Hall, a science laboratory building, was one of the top energy users on the Smith College campus. GreenerU helped to calibrate laboratory ventilation while balancing air quality, addressing environmental safety concerns while lowering energy use.

Big energy savings in the Big Apple: GreenerU helps the School of Visual Arts slay a dragon

Thanks to $62,000 in utility incentives and a number of improvements, the climate is under control at 133 W 21st Street.

Process over product? Why success depends on gaining consensus—a process-driven exercise

Great ideas fail because they lack the strong foundation of diverse perspectives, troubleshooting, and idea testing that only conflict can unearth.

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