What We Do

Balancing costs, comfort, and users' needs

GreenerU believes educational institutions are uniquely positioned to lead the world in mitigating climate change. Our mission is to help them.


GreenerU, Inc. works with institutions to find solutions to energy-efficiency and sustainability challenges on your campus. Through engineered solutions and behavior change management, we help schools find a balance between efficiency, comfort, and cost. Our services are customized for each of our client institutions and include:

Whether it’s through turnkey energy solutions or owner’s project management methodology, GreenerU’s experienced professionals help institutions with the entire complex process of energy-efficiency auditing and baselining, formulation and design, managing implementation, providing training at project closeout, and monitoring results—all with an eye toward engagement and sensitivity to our clients’ unique needs. What’s more, we help our clients maximize utility incentives and offer several financing opportunities.

The GreenerU Approach

Education is a unique arena. Campuses have a vast variety of building types: living quarters, classrooms, office space, athletic facilities, research and teaching laboratories, high-performance computing centers, restaurants and dining halls, and so much more. They are microcosms of small cities, each with their own unique cultures, with continuous operations and a promise to deliver high-quality education to the students whom they serve.

These institutions are challenged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations, to provide an indoor environment that is conducive to learning, to generate cost savings in the process, and—most importantly—to educate the next generation of leaders who, among other things, will be faced with the growing challenge of climate change.

One principle that makes sense is to focus on the “first fuel,” energy efficiency: reduce energy demand before adding or replacing supply. Something else we know: change involves people, no matter how technical the solution is.

We’ve become a vital and active partner with more than 50 educational institutions that are looking to see significant progress in the fight against climate change. We recognize that institutions are vibrant places of learning, with many moving parts and a collective interest from students, faculty, and staff to push the envelope. We also recognize that an institution’s buildings can be tools for learning.

That’s why our business model incorporates the symbiotic relationship between the mechanical (turnkey energy solutions) and the human (change management). We recognize that schools need a holistic approach to implement energy-efficiency measures and to engage users in processes to contribute to sustainability success as well.