Since 2009

Helping schools mitigate climate change

Since 2009, GreenerU has become a vital and active partner with more than 50 educational institutions that are looking to see significant progress in the fight against climate change. We recognize that institutions are vibrant places of learning, with many moving parts and a collective interest from students, faculty, and staff to push the envelope, while also recognizing that an institution’s buildings can be tools for learning.

Partner Spotlight


Brown University

Brown seeks to carry interdisciplinary research on sustainability issues beyond the classroom and laboratory through mutually beneficial collaborations with campus operations. Since 2007, Brown has achieved a 28.2% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions—the result of a bold, ambitious vision.

Featured Campus Improvements:
  • Building automation system
    Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and/or other systems.
  • HVAC optimization
    Like any equipment, heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems for a building need adjustments from time to time.
  • Water conservation
    Wasted hot water can result in high energy bills. Installed water conservation measures can help reduce energy use.
Brown University
1.3 million


Having GreenerU support initiative development that required multiple layers of stakeholders, with varying priorities and visions, was instrumental in ensuring the collaborative approach and buy-in required to make implementation and operations successful.

Jessica Berry, Director of Sustainability Brown University