Facilitation Training

What does it mean to be a strong facilitator?

Facilitation not only helps you accomplish your goals, but provides the necessary structure and process for broader organizational change.


One of the most important, yet often under-appreciated, skill sets of any profession is the ability to be a strong group meeting facilitator. Whether it is a small staff meeting or a campus-wide strategic planning effort, being a confident and effective facilitator is essential. Facilitation not only helps you accomplish your goals, but provides the necessary structure and process for broader organizational change.

So, what does it mean to be a strong facilitator? What are concrete tools one can use to lead a group decision-making process? How can we have engaged and productive remote meetings?

GreenerU’s facilitation training provides the essential tools and concepts to run effective and inclusive meetings—both in person and remotely.

Workshop topics

This training will cover topics such as:

  • Behavior theory as it pertains to meetings and meeting management
  • The role of a facilitator and the pre- and post-meeting essential tasks
  • Modes of engagement in meetings and facilitation tools and techniques
  • Managing challenging behaviors and adaptive facilitation
  • Methods of building group consensus and process approach to facilitation
  • Inclusive decision making and methods for acknowledging and addressing power dynamics within groups
  • Visual management and methods of running inclusive remote meetings

Workshops are ideally eight hours, with remote training split across two days.

Workshop breakdown

The first part of this two-part workshop covers the theory behind group dynamics and organizational governance, as well as activities designed to guide participants through the key steps of group facilitation. Participants will be able to practice tools that can help groups generate new ideas and converge those ideas into actionable next steps. Through fun and interactive activities, participants will be challenged to apply the tools they learn with these engaging, hands-on experiences.

In the second part of the workshop, participants will have ample time to practice facilitating meetings using tried and proven techniques and to receive constructive feedback from the group in a safe environment. There will also be time for group discussion where collectively the group will share new ideas, as well as help converge those ideas into actionable next steps.

This workshop can be carried out both remotely and in person, depending on attendees’ current work arrangements. In-person, remote, and hybrid meetings each require preparation to ensure inclusive, engaging, and effective discussion.

The workshop will build from attendees’ previous experience with in-person, remote, and hybrid meetings to identify and practice both software and human skills that align with attendees’ professional settings and requirements.

GreenerU’s experience in facilitation training

GreenerU staff shares the concrete tools they use to lead group decision-making processes. Drawing from several training sources—including Sam Kaner and Lenny Lind’s Community at Work—and through extensive practice, GreenerU staff have developed rigorous knowledge of meeting facilitation and skills.

GreenerU has provided similar trainings for participants at AASHE, Columbia University, East Carolina University, and others, and has adapted this model for remote training with Portland Community College and Bentley University. These workshops have enabled participants to lead productive discussions and decision-making processes throughout their own institutions.

“I’m so glad I could participate. It was challenging for sure, but I got more out of it than conferences that lasted several days.”

Contact us to schedule facilitation training—including for effective remote meetings—today.

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