Mount Holyoke College

Carrying forward the legacy of Mary Lyon.

As Mount Holyoke approaches its bicentennial in 2037, it seeks campus sustainability action reflective of a forward-thinking legacy that echoes the pioneering spirit and innovation of its founder.

Annual energy savings


Annual MTCO2e savings


Annual MMBtu savings


GreenerU worked with MassDevelopment to provide financing for a program called Mass College Green. This program delivered energy efficiency as a service with the college paying only for delivered energy savings over a five-year period with no upfront capital investment. This program enabled Mount Holyoke College to employ GreenerU to design and install a functional economizer and pay for the work through ongoing energy savings.

A 1980s installation of a boiler economizer at Mount Holyoke College was removed shortly after it was installed. Not only did the economizer not work; flue gasses were backing up into the boiler house, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Mount Holyoke College also employed GreenerU to facilitate its sustainability strategic planning process in 2017. Initiated by Acting President Sonya Stephens, Mount Holyoke gathered a diverse group of stakeholders and employed GreenerU’ to facilitate a process that resulted in a series of overarching goals and strategies to advance the College’s sustainability agenda.