Facilities Maintenance

Wherever it's an errant zip tie, crumpled piece of paper, or toilet bolt cap on the floor—or any surface, for that matter—Oracle is all over it.


Oracle, a kittenish two-year-old tuxedo cat temporarily residing in Maynard, brings energy and fervor to his role in facilities maintenance with GreenerU. Entirely self-taught, no rug is too evil for him to tame; no shower curtain spooky enough for him to avoid playing his hilarious (to him) practical jokes. While he occasionally comes to work high on catnip or sleeps off hangovers in a bathroom drawer, he makes up for the lulls by thundering through the entirety of his assigned facility like a herd of buffalo and sweeping away debris such as noisy balls and a small, stuffed Mr. Bill, until they disappear forever (or at least until appliances are replaced). An adept politician, Oracle turns on the charm at mealtimes, purring luxuriously into his supervisor’s ears and sometimes nose to remind her that she owes him another paycheck with a bonus of wet food.


Fun Fact

Oracle has approximately 37 favorite places to sleep. Wait, no. Thirty-eight.

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