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Community discussion: prioritizing budgets in facilities post-covid

Now that coronavirus restrictions are beginning to lift, schools are beginning to grapple with how to allow students, faculty, and staff to return to campus safely. According to Avasant Research, “universities are preparing for substantial economic fallout, both from less revenue from student tuition and the risk that there will be fewer international—and higher fee-paying—students in their next intake.” Budget cuts are expected across the board on nearly all school campuses, but facilities departments may be looking at additional operating and capital expenses when making accommodations for physical distancing and sanitation measures.

In this interactive panel discussion, we discussed challenges and strategies on campuses to manage and prioritize facilities budgets while transitioning from the coronavirus shutdowns. Special thanks to guest panelists, who included Mary Dukakis, Vice President of Operational Services, Southern New Hampshire University; Bob LaVigne, Vice President for Operations, Nichols College; and Karla Youngblood, Director of Facilities Operations, Amherst College.

Waterfalls, gorges, and environmental stewardship: how Ithaca College is getting to carbon neutrality through laboratory efficiency

Amidst a paradise of waterfalls, gorges, and the Finger Lakes, Ithaca College is taking steps to preserve its natural surroundings through a commitment to 100% carbon neutrality by 2050. One of the first steps: cut energy use on campus.

Right-sizing laboratory ventilation: Smith’s Ford Hall gets an energy retrofit using a three-pronged approach

Ford Hall, a science laboratory building, was one of the top energy users on the Smith College campus. GreenerU helped to calibrate laboratory ventilation while balancing air quality, addressing environmental safety concerns while lowering energy use.

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