Brooks School

Investing in an energy-efficient campus—proactively

Brooks School took a proactive approach to finding energy-efficiency savings on its small campus in North Andover, MA. GreenerU has helped with finding creative solutions and innovations to this top-notch boarding school.

Annual energy savings


Annual MTCO2e savings


Annual MMBtu savings


GreenerU began its relationship with Brooks School in 2012, when the school was looking for help with a technical assistance study to find energy-efficiency opportunities for Luce Library. GreenerU found multiple opportunities for energy efficiency, coming up with a plan and financial incentives to replace an outdated chiller and outdated pneumatic controls, and to upgrade lighting. The project led to substantial energy savings for Brooks, reducing building energy costs by $38,000 annually. GreenerU has assisted Brooks in subsequent investments in reconstructing its ice rink and performing ongoing commissioning and optimization of its equipment for continued energy savings.

With outdated heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment, Brooks had an opportunity to leverage utility incentives and realize substantial energy savings through new equipment.


In 2016, Brooks began planning its Center for the Arts and has involved GreenerU in all mechanical and electrical aspects of the design, including a steam system relocation. Using the 3D modeling capabilities of BIM 360 software, in partnership with the project’s architects and building engineers, GreenerU assisted in the design an energy-efficient system for a new building from the ground up, and is currently managing the installation of these systems as well.