Simone and Billie

Wellness Coordinators

A mother-and-daughter dynamic duo, Simone and Billie are English cream golden retrievers obsessed with wellness.


This cheerful couple were born at Golden Ridge Farm, home of Golden Opportunities for Independence (GOFI), a service dog nonprofit co-founded by their mom, Erin Royal. They are both part of the GOFI family and have had/will have puppies that have gone on to become service dogs for individuals with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. Some of their puppies may even become community resource dogs for local Massachusetts police forces!

Simone and Billie are always working on their fitness and wellbeing—hitting the local trails, swimming in area lakes, ponds, streams and mud puddles, or running with their mom, dad, and brother Levi. Billie particularly loves finding soggy sticks on her runs to carry, providing a great workout for her jaw muscles. Both canine ladies enjoy their daily wellness routine of massage, meditative napping, and sunbathing. Their tried-and-true wellness tip is to never stray too far from that which provides comfort, whether that be a cherished lamb toy, a ball, or a loved one.

Simone and Billie currently live in western Mass, but plan to pop in to Zoom calls as needed to spread cheer and promote wellness for all.

Simone and Billie
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