Kevin Loiselle, LC

Senior Lighting Specialist

With 18 years in the electrical industry, Kevin has worked as a field electrician, salesman, and project manager in electrical distribution.


Kevin is experienced in all aspects of lighting and electrical construction industry and adept in lighting and lighting control designs, from lighting layouts and photometric calculations to retrofits to design and sequence of operation of lighting control systems. Kevin has multiple years of experience using lighting design software, such as AGI32-industry standard for lighting modeling. He is also experienced in the use of CAD-based design software such as Autocad and Revit. With GreenerU, Kevin has performed extensive work ranging from doing detailed lighting audits to providing complete design recommendations and documents on hundreds of projects, including at athletic facilities, field houses, gymnasiums, administrative buildings, research laboratories, and classrooms. His work maximizes energy efficiency, integrates lighting with existing building automation systems, and improves illumination options for multiple uses and activities.

Kevin Loiselle, LC

Fun Fact

Kevin once spun discs at weddings and corporate events for ten years, joining his photographer wife for many gigs, until the drunken debauchery of the wedding crowd drove him toward the light(ing).

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