Julia Weeks

Project Coordinator, Change Management

Since Julia began with GreenerU in early 2017, she has supported the facilitation of client meetings and summits as well as the creation, writing, and implementation of strategic plans, including GreenerU’s strategic plan in 2018.


Julia is the project lead for the Ivy+ Sustainability Consortium, a group of fourteen prestigious higher education institutions working to reach excellence in global sustainability solutions. In this role Julia provides administrative support through meeting coordination, documentation, and organization of client activities. Other clients she has supported include The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), Brown University, Concord Academy, Mount Holyoke College, Princeton University, and Tarleton State University. Julia gained her passion for sustainability through her studies in Environmental Studies and Environmental Writing at Allegheny College.

Julia Weeks

Fun Fact

Julia has lived in three of the four commonwealth states of America: Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Ten points if you can name the fourth.

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