Crystal Johnson

Program Director

​​Crystal Johnson has more than thirty years of experience in both energy and environmental resources. She has a keen ability to identify solutions to complex issues and specializes in stakeholder engagement and multi-sectoral partnership development.


Crystal is a senior environmental planner who focuses on strategic planning, management, engagement, and assessment. Her creative and critical thinking skills, coupled with her excellent communication skills, assist her in cultivating impactful strategies. She has ample experience developing progressive programs designed for impact that contribute to social/environmental justice, environmental health, and economic development. Her expertise includes assessing and advancing energy equity/environmental justice, developing clean energy workforce pipelines for low- and moderate-income communities, and fostering multi-sector/stakeholder collaborations and partnerships. She serves on Second Nature’s Climate Justice Action Team and was also recently appointed to the Massachusetts Governor’s Energy Facilities Siting Board responsible for ensuring a reliable energy supply with a minimum impact on the environment. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Resource Studies.

Crystal Johnson

Fun Fact

Crystal has volunteered at a farm animal rescue sanctuary and has dreams of founding her own, called Gaia's Sanctuary.

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