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System change, not climate change: how K-12 schools are addressing sustainability for a generation of climate activists

Nearly 4 million people participated in worldwide climate strikes last September, in solidarity with 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who made the trek to New York City across the Atlantic by boat. It’s no coincidence that teenagers are some of the most engaged climate activists today. How are their schools rising to the challenge?

New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act: How does it affect schools?

The City's ambitious effort to fight climate change includes incremental emissions reduction mandates. Strategies and utility incentives are available to help educational institutions meet targets for 2024, 2030, and beyond.

It’s 2050, and we stopped climate change—but not without changing minds and behavior, too

Navigating social disruption is the bulk of my work—and very likely a major component of the work some of you do on your campus, too.

The race to zero: how higher education is tackling the challenges of carbon neutrality through building efficiency

Truly serious efforts to get to zero recognize that the obligation starts with lowering demand. Buildings alone use 42% of the nation’s energy. Without tackling excessive building energy use, campuses are only going to glance around the target.

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