Why Partner with GreenerU

The Solution

GreenerU is committed to delivering lasting results for its clients. Even the best energy efficiency improvements require ongoing monitoring to ensure that optimal performance is maintained. GreenerOPx provides that service.

GreenerU begins by facilitating a dialogue with facilities managers and operators to identify key building automation system (BAS) signals and conditions to monitor. We prioritize equipment that is most closely related to building energy performance and sentinel signals, which can be indicative of problems requiring a more detailed analysis of specific systems. Once GreenerOPx is implemented, GreenerU works with facility staff to regularly monitor building performance and detect energy efficiency and process improvement opportunities which could include adjustments to technical settings and equipment or an overview of current operations procedures and culture norms.

The GreenerOPx tool integrates with all existing BAS vendors, usually without additional hardware or software, and maintains full compliance with university IT and security protocols. Data from existing BAS is automatically integrated and analyzed on regular intervals.

Ongoing Commissioning - GreenerOPx

What’s Included

By choosing GreenerOPx, campus facility and energy managers will receive:

  • Initial facilitated strategic session to develop process flow and identify and prioritize equipment
  • Ongoing monitoring and verification of equipment performance
  • Regular facilitated strategy sessions to turn problems and opportunities into a plan of action, and when desired, direct implementation
  • Continuous tracking of efficiency project performance, including cost, energy, and greenhouse gas reductions and makes performance information available to diverse campus stakeholders
  • Seamless integration and coordination with IT department on data export protocols
  • A tool to track and prioritize deferred maintenance needs
  • Evaluation and enhancement of the monitoring program, including incorporating additional signals when problems or opportunities are identified
  • Facilities and operator training


GreenerOPx delivers financial savings and minimizes the need for staff or consultants to manually analyze data points. GreenerU’s integrated method assures that the right approach is used when introducing this new tool into your daily operations.

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