Why Partner with GreenerU

The Solution

University and college laboratories provide valuable research to the world and prestige to their institutions. They also typically represent the single largest use of energy on campus and are critical spaces with regard to safety. Balancing the value and challenges to increasing laboratory energy efficiency is no easy feat. In response, GreenerU offers GreenerLabs, an innovative approach to optimizing laboratory ventilation that also engages lab users in sustainable behaviors to reduce energy use and enhance safety without compromising unique environment requirements.

GreenerU initiates the GreenerLabs solution by conducting a robust, multifaceted investigation. This is then followed by the development of a comprehensive set of recommendations, which GreenerU will evaluate with the client and develop into a full program. Finally, GreenerU delivers the approved program through turnkey implementation services.

Green Labs - GreenerLabs

What’s Included

The GreenerLabs packaged solution delivers results through:

  • Initial engagement of principal investigators to understand research needs and priorities related to the laboratory environment
  • A comprehensive analysis of laboratory equipment and current use, including a technical assessment of ventilation systems
  • Rebalancing of laboratory ventilation systems to meet recommended rates
  • Recommissioning of controls of the laboratory ventilation system including comprehensive point-to-point testing and calibration of all supply and exhaust air terminal devices
  • Ongoing facilitated discussions with facilities personnel, principal investigators and other scientists, researchers, professors and students who use the laboratories to establish goals, understand needs and priorities, and develop solutions
  • Customized behavioral modification programs, including “Shut the Sash” and the “Stoplight System”
  • Inventorying chemicals and hazardous materials, fume hoods and other ventilation devices
  • Understanding laboratory user needs
  • Ensuring that the functionality exists to properly control the ventilation systems to the newly designed airflow, temperature and humidity set points


GreenerU has implemented GreenerLabs in over a dozen labs on six client campuses. It is not uncommon to see reductions of 20% or more in overall energy use for relatively small investments. Below are two examples.

LEED Gold Biology Lab

GreenerU recommissioned an occupancy-based control system, optimized static pressure set points, and repaired failed exhaust fan controls to achieve a 21% reduction in energy use.

Teaching Lab

GreenerU implemented a behavior-focused campaign designed to encourage the use of fume hood high/low switches. Our targeted engagement campaign was able to dramatically reduce unnecessary exhaust air through fume hoods, resulting in over $20,000/year in energy savings for the institution.

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