Why Partner with GreenerU

Tackling campuses’ greatest energy challenge—without compromising safety or the important work of research

Laboratories are typically the largest energy users on campus. They are also critical spaces with regard to air quality, as well as the highly valuable research they enable. GreenerU looks at all of it.

GreenerU ties together extensive experience working in laboratory environments with our proven approach to occupant engagement and behavior change. These components are balanced with the expertise of an environmental health and safety expert, who determines acceptable ventilation ranges in laboratory environments.

Open fume hoods are among the largest energy users in laboratories, as they ventilate large amounts of conditioned air out of the room.

1. Lab safety evaluation. Before making any energy-efficiency adjustments, GreenerU contracts a lab safety specialist to perform a professional air quality assessment.

2. Stakeholder engagement. GreenerU works closely with lab users, facilities managers, and other stakeholders to understand how the needs and functions of laboratories can intersect with energy-saving opportunities.

3. Equipment optimization. Fine-tuning, replacing, or recalibrating laboratory ventilation equipment is the third component of GreenerU’s work with labs.

Campuses often see energy reductions of 20% or more from relatively small investments in laboratory efficiency.


15 laboratory buildings with seven clients

$1.1 million in utility incentives

3,100 MTCO2e in annual avoided greenhouse gas emissions

35,000 MMBtu in annual energy savings

$875,000 in total annual energy savings