Why Partner with GreenerU


Engineered solutions and behavior change programs working in tandem for deep energy savings in residence halls

Dormitories are unique campus features. They are often occupied 24/7, with active residents looking to get an education—including in sustainability.

Many campuses house students in older buildings with old radiators and other equipment that only have “on/off” functionality. It can be boiling in a room in January, and occupants may feel like they have no other option than to open a window, even when the heat is on.

When a window is open during a heating season, the heating system tries harder to keep the space warm, causing someone else to open their window. Eventually, open windows become the norm.

GreenerU uses an interdisciplinary approach to energy efficiency, achieving thermal savings of 58% in one dorm.

Occupant engagement—and comfort—are essential to ensuring successful dormitory energy-efficiency strategies.



Energy-efficiency measures:

  • Adjustable thermostatic radiator valves
  • Window sealing and building insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Water-saving toilets and shower heads
  • Heating system upgrades

Occupant engagement:

  • RA and student trainings
  • Eco-Rep programming
  • Educational visual cues
  • Energy showcase events
  • Energy pledges
  • Email campaigns
  • Peer-to-peer education events


60 dormitories that have undergone Greener Dorms work

2 million square feet of dormitory space in New England

58% annual thermal energy use reduction in Diman House at Brown University

75% reduction in open windows after behavior-change strategies at Brown

50% overall dorm energy reduction through Greener Dorms

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