Why Partner with GreenerU


The Solution

Open dorm windows in  the winter plague many New England campuses, wasting energy, money and creating poor energy habits in students. GreenerDorms is an innovative program that aims to reduce this behavior.

The GreenerDorms solution combines best practices in energy engineering and behavior theory to deliver a robust two-phase process. The first phase is a comprehensive investigation and analysis of existing building systems (heating, cooling, and hot water) and building occupant values and attitudes. The second phase includes data analysis of the investigation, resulting in a set of recommendations presented to you, the client. These recommendations are paired with turnkey implementations along with ongoing tracking and reporting of results.

Building System Improvements

Many higher education and secondary school campuses have significant energy inefficiencies due to aging residence halls and outdated equipment. Typical building system components that receive enhancements through GreenerDorms include:

GreenerDorms - Building System Improvements - Green Dorms

Occupant Engagement

Each campus has its own challenges and strengths. Our specialists work collaboratively within the client’s unique campus culture to implement campus-wide sustainability & engagement programs that can include any combination of the following:

GreenerDorms - Occupant Engagement - Green Dorms

What’s Included

By choosing the GreenerDorms packaged solution, campus facility and energy managers will receive:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the current state of the mechanical and electrical systems in selected buildings
  • A snapshot of student attitudes and values towards sustainability
  • The GreenerDorms Energy Benchmarking Report, which compares the energy intensity of your dorms with others in New England
  • An enhanced understanding of operator behavior and attitudes towards addressing student complaints in the residence halls
  • Retrofit and operational recommendations for building system improvements
  • Facilitated discussion between Facilities, Residential Life, and other key stakeholders to confirm goals and approach to solution implementation
  • A roadmap to align building performance and student behavior with existing whole-campus sustainability goals
  • Recommendations for ongoing, effective engagement of students to create an environment for positive behavior modifications


GreenerU has implemented GreenerDorms in more than 60 residence halls throughout New England, accounting for over two million square feet. Results to date have shown annual savings typically between $0.50 and $1.00 per square foot. Behavioral programs provide an opportunity to deliver unique student experiences that create a shifts toward lifelong sustainable habits and elevate energy efficiency savings.

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