Why Partner with GreenerU

Using a comprehensive approach to help an animal hospital modernize its HVAC systems, cut energy use, and increase comfort for its humans and patients

MSPCA–Angell, based in Jamaica Plain, Mass., is a world-class veterinary clinic. But its aging facilities hadn’t kept up with 21st-century animal care.

An aged steam-heating system experiencing increasingly frequent failures resulted in rising maintenance costs, disruptions to business, and uncertainty. Leaky single-pane windows made for drafty, uncomfortable offices. A maintenance-intensive pneumatic control system provided no centralized control or diagnostic capabilities. And old, inefficient lighting systems were costly to maintain due to frequent failures and outdated materials.

See how GreenerU modernized the MSPCA’s HVAC systems (and admire some cute animals, too)

Addressing the whole building

GreenerU performed a deep-energy retrofit that involved the installation of a modern variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump system, new insulated windows, building envelope improvements, modern digital controls, and high-efficiency LED lighting.

The MSPCA–Angell deep-energy retrofit project resulted in impressive numbers.

$544,000 in utility incentives

$263,000 in annual energy savings

1,300 MTCO2e in annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction, equivalent to emissions from 150,000 gallons of gasoline

Vastly improved occupant comfort (human and animal), with central monitoring and DDC controls

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