Why Partner with GreenerU

Helping academic institutions develop laser focus on sustainability—in their own way

No two schools are alike. GreenerU’s stakeholder-driven sustainability strategic planning process helps schools develop their own unique vision and comprehensive, achievable goals.

Our process unifies the initiatives and ideas under a shared vision and goals for sustainability, helping schools understand their role in creating a more sustainable campus. This process also connects different stakeholders and delineates responsibility for sustainability practices more broadly across the institution. Sustainability plans justify financial investments in emissions reduction and other sustainability goals.

With extensive experience in navigating complex institutions and ideas, our staff can help your campus prepare for a sustainable future.

Engagement from a full range of stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni—is crucial for strategic plan success.
  • Baseline data gathering and analysis
  • STARS data collection and reporting
  • Sustainability review of peer institutions
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Facilitation training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Benchmarking and goal-setting
  • Behavior change management strategies
  • Customized plan development
  • Plan writing and editorial support
  • Expertise in energy waste and other areas

“Having GreenerU support initiative development that required multiple layers of stakeholders, with varying priorities and visions, was instrumental in ensuring the collaborative approach and buy-in required to make implementation and operations successful.”

—Jessica Berry, Brown University

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