Why Partner with GreenerU


Customized Services

GreenerU’s energy-efficiency services are designed to accommodate the academic calendar and are customized to address each campus’ specific needs. Through partnerships with GreenerU, clients are able to turn existing facilities into higher performing buildings, maximize financial returns, and build integrated behavioral programs. Service offerings include:

  • Energy-efficiency engineering
  • Retrocommissioning
  • Sustainability strategic planning and program implementation, including behavior change initiatives
  • Addressing deferred maintenance projects through energy savings
  • Stakeholder facilitation, training, and engagement
  • Controls upgrades and maintenance
  • Turnkey implementation of energy programs and projects

GreenerU’s engineering and engagement services are delivered through packaged solutions, customized services, or through participation in pilot initiatives.

Best Practice Solutions

In response to demand and need for integrated solutions, GreenerU has bundled its most popular services into packaged offerings.


GreenerDorms is an innovative program that integrates building system upgrades with behavioral programs in residence halls to improve comfort, address deferred maintenance, and maximize financial returns.


GreenerLabs is a unique offering from GreenerU that incorporates optimization of laboratory ventilation with engagement of lab users to reduce energy use while enhancing laboratory safety.


The GreenerOPx solution is an integrated, data driven approach to building performance optimization that monitors building energy and equipment signals to ensure efficiency measures continuously deliver savings while also identifying new opportunities for improvement.