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GreenerU understands that finding the right tools and guidance to make large decisions around campus sustainability can be challenging. As a result, we have designed these campus resources to provide you with tools to approach engineering and behavior change on campus, as well as demonstrate examples of how it has been accomplished.

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Big energy savings in the Big Apple: GreenerU helps the School of Visual Arts slay a dragon

In 2015, the School of Visual Arts (SVA)—with notable alumni that includes Keith Haring, Jared Leto, and Sol LeWitt— was facing a whole host of issues in its multiple buildings across Manhattan, principally related to the difficulty of managing comfortable temperatures with aging and temperamental equipment. Today, thanks to $62,000 in utility incentives and a number of improvements, the climate is under control at 133 W 21st Street.

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Cheesesteak subs at Boston College: how a dining hall cut its carbon calories (and still makes 16,000 meals a day)

80,000 Screaming Eagles sold per year. 714 calories per sandwich. 14,300 students on campus. $63,445 in utility incentives. And $121,000 in annual energy savings, thanks to ventilation improvements at one of Boston College’s busiest dining halls.

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Best practices: finding resources to help your school self-assess its sustainability metrics in two steps

Often the starting point for addressing any campus sustainability challenge is to find “best practices” that can be used as examples or templates. But it’s important to remember that not all schools are alike—a huge state university system has different resources than a small liberal arts college. So how can you identify your peers, and where can you identify best practices among them?

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Top five ways to avoid poor quality STARS reporting

The race is on to submit STARS data to AASHE by March 1 to be included in the Sierra Club “Cool Schools” and Princeton Green Schools publications. STARS reporting can be the source of headaches, though, if the data submitted doesn’t pass muster. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

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A chiller way to cool a campus: GreenerU saves Smith money through a thoughtful approach to cooling

Smith College’s 4,100-ton chilled water plant was due for an upgrade…or maybe a downgrade.

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Right-sizing laboratory ventilation: Smith’s Ford Hall gets an energy retrofit using a three-pronged approach

Ford Hall, a science laboratory building, was one of the top energy users on the Smith College campus. GreenerU helped to calibrate laboratory ventilation while balancing air quality, addressing environmental safety concerns while lowering energy use.

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Teleconferencing for the planet: wiping out Scope 3 emissions through remote meeting best practices

This article focuses on just one aspect of curbing Scope 3 emissions: business travel. Based on our experience at GreenerU, teleconferencing or remote meetings, when done well, can supplant a great many greenhouse emissions from road or air travel—and save you time and money in the process.

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Tips and tricks: Julia’s tools of the teleconferencing trade

Remote meetings require the help of a slew of supporting players, technologically speaking. To make remote meetings productive for your office, you need to have the right tools available.

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MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain gets a deep energy retrofit

Faced with the prospect of a $2+ million investment in converting their heating system, it would have been easy to justify narrowly defining the project scope in an effort to minimize capital expense. Instead, MSPCA had GreenerU take a holistic look at the medical center’s energy systems and develop a plan that would best serve the facility for the next 50 years.

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Fall is the season of STARS®

STARS reporting is a bit like filing joint taxes in your first year as a newly married homeowner…with a business…and a baby. Sure, you could probably figure it out. But you could also hand it over to someone who knows how to maximize your refund.

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“What Does It Feel Like To Be In A Meeting That Doesn’t Waste My Time?”

July 20, 2016

Learn how to maximize limited time by turning your meetings into productive avenues for communicating, connecting, and accomplishing real work.

Dallase Scott, Director of Change Management at GreenerU, kicks off this webinar with a theoretical overview of the psychology of leadership and group dynamics and the important role of a facilitator in fostering group consensus. Then, our guests from Columbia University, Jessica Prata, AVP of Environmental Stewardship and Allie Schwartz, Manager of Planning & Outreach for Environmental Stewardship, follow up by sharing their experiences in optimizing their ongoing strategic planning process by following the mechanics of thoughtful and deliberate agenda design and structured facilitated meetings.


Energy Efficiency and Technology Integration: Meeting energy efficiency needs and IT security standards on your campus

April 6, 2016

Our speakers for this webinar included Monty Combs, Director of Systems & Services at Brown University, and host Kailash Viswanathan, VP of Operations at GreenerU.

From lighting controls to energy monitoring – new technology is being developed to help increase functionality, improve the user experience, and save energy on your campus. These technologies may add value to your energy projects; however, not all of them will pass your IT department’s security test. Listen in to learn about potential barriers and future best practices when integrating new technology on your campus.


Energy as an Asset, Not an Expense: Undeveloped Investment Opportunities

September 17, 2015

Our speakers for this webinar included Chris Powell, Assistant VP of Energy & Environment at Brown University, and moderator David Adamian, GreenerU President and CEO.

The webinar addresses Brown’s visionary system for financing energy and GreenerU’s involvement in managing building data for the campus.


Masterful Commissioning: Creating value through stakeholder collaboration

June 8, 2015

Click Here For American University’s Commissioning Master Plan

Click Here for American University’s Design & Construction Standards

Our speakers for this webinar included Ben Datema, Program Coordinator at GreenerU, and Josey Schwartz, Energy Education & Outreach Analyst at American University.

The webinar addresses the psychology of commissioning, contributed by GreenerU, as well as commissioning best practices as demonstrated by American University.

What is your Communication Strategy? – Tools for Marketing Sustainability Across Campus

February 3, 2015

Our speakers for this webinar included Dallase Scott, GreenerU’s Director of Change Management, and Alex Novak, the Director of Communications for the Sustainability Institute & Physical Plant at Penn State University.

The webinar addresses tools and examples to creating a communication strategy that effectively markets your sustainability efforts on campus.


Transitioning Towards Effective Resource Management

October 15, 2014

For this webinar recording, we were joined by representatives from Cornell University, University of Vermont, and Skidmore Collgege, Casella Resource Solutions to discuss ways in which they have approached Resource Management on their campuses. This webinar was moderated by a Representative from Casella Resource Solutions.


Greening Your Lab

September 16, 2014

For this webinar recording, we were joined by representatives from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and Harvard University to discuss ways in which they have approached reducing the impact of labs on their campus.


Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Planting the Seed

July 29, 2014

For this webinar recording, we were joined by representatives from Boston University and Babson College to discuss various ways in which they have worked towards creating a culture of sustainability for incoming and returning students at the start of the academic year.