Press Release

Second Nature and GreenerU Partnership

December 16, 2016

We are excited to announce that Second Nature and GreenerU are partnering up to help institutions advance their greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.  This partnership makes obvious sense because of the shared mission of the two organizations. As Second Nature strives to help build a sustainable and positive global future through leadership networks in higher education, GreenerU aims to help those institutions by delivering impactful programs that drive toward the institutions’ sustainability goals.

Together, GreenerU and Second Nature can do more to help colleges and universities expand and deepen their climate leadership than they can do separately. GreenerU’s expertise in delivering effective energy reduction programs that align with multiple institutional priorities supports Second Nature’s goal of providing resources to support signatories in meeting the three Climate Leadership Commitments. We will work with campuses to develop effective strategies for each institution’s unique circumstances, execute those strategies, and achieve results. We look forward to doing more together in 2017.