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In The News: SynergE Worcester Saving Energy and Inspiring Local University Students

May 10, 2015

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Worcester, MA – May 10, 2015 – Peter S. Cohan’s article in the Worcester Telegram on May 10th highlights the many achievements of the SynergE Worcerster initiative, a collaborative effort by GreenerU, National Grid, and three participating Universities – Clark University, College of the Holy Cross, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute – to save up to $6 million in energy savings across the three colleges over the next five years for the three schools.

The article features GreenerU Chairman, Rob Pratt, who describes how the program was established and why it drives home GreenerU’s mission to help colleges and universities become leaders in mitigating climate change and accelerating sustainability. Mr. Pratt affirms “The goal was to do something special, perhaps craft a model for how colleges could become energy efficiency and climate champions while involving their students in an active way, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while saving on their energy costs.”

In addition to significant financial savings from reduced energy use, SynergE Worcester provides engagement opportunities for students through implementation of effective and engaging methods of energy consumption data collection. The initiative monitors 66 total buildings across the three campuses. This approach helps to track savings, identify potential problems, and maintain the savings into the future.

By setting goals to reduce energy use through engaging students, faculty and staff in sustainability and behavior change campaigns, energy reduction goals were implemented such that the program can continue to reduce the schools’ greenhouse gas footprints for many years to come. It is expected that the program will reduce emissions by 22,300 metric tons, the emissions equivalent to burning of 24,000 tons of coal.

Original Press Release on the SynergE Worcester Initiative’s Energy Savings