Press Release

In the News: Energy Efficiency — A Programmatic Approach, Article by David C. Adamian

March 18, 2016

GreenerU President and CEO, David Adamian, has authored an article, Energy Efficiency — A Programmatic Approach, featured as the cover story within APPA’s Facilities Manager Magazine‘s March/April 2016 sustainability-themed issue.

See introductory excerpt below and click here for the full article.

‘Most schools require that their energy efficiency projects provide quick paybacks, implying returns in the high teens (or better), yet they have no mechanism for accounting for ancillary benefits when evaluating projects. Compare this to endowment investments that typically provide single-digit, long-term returns; for example, endowment performance from 2005 to 2014 averaged under 7 percent annual return. There is a disconnect and an opportunity here. But taking optimal advantage of the opportunities to invest in our campuses requires a significant shift in perspective, an intentional effort to capture those opportunities, and some good strategic thinking about how to get there.’

David. C. Adamian, “Energy Efficiency — A Programmatic Approach,” March/April 2016. APPA Facilities Manager Magazine.