Press Release

GreenerU’s statement on U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement

June 2, 2017

We at GreenerU join the chorus of voices who intend to stay the course with the Paris climate agreement. Along with our partner institutions, we continue to honor our commitment to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change and are undeterred by the White House’s recent decision to withdraw from the agreement.

Energy efficiency and sustainability efforts are not just our business, but our mission. For us and our customers and partners who care about climate change and the health of the environment, it’s hard to make sense of any policy that denies the reality of modern science.

We all have a responsibility to mitigate climate change, and fortunately, so much has been achieved already. Campuses, municipalities, and companies around the world have begun to make substantial changes that are already lowering emissions. At GreenerU, through energy efficiency work that lowers campuses’ impact on the environment, our job is play a supporting role to colleges and universities that are conducting critical climate research, immersing students in sustainable living, and providing an incubating environment for innovations that will impact future generations.

Our work, and the efforts of our partner schools, will continue unabated and undeterred. It’s the smart thing to do.