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Danielle Dahan Wins $10,000 Grand Prize for MIT’s 2014 Climate CoLab Competition on Building Energy Efficiency

November 7, 2014

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Cambridge, MA – Danielle Dahan, Energy Efficiency Engineer at GreenerU, won this year’s $10,000 grand prize at the MIT Climate CoLab Competition on solutions for increasing building energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ongoing competition, open to participants worldwide, aims to “harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people from all around the world to address global climate change,” with topics ranging from Urban Heat Island to Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management.

Out of 589 proposals submitted, Danielle won both Judges Choice Award and Grand Prize for her 2014 contribution to Buildings: How can we increase building energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Her proposal is aimed at providing the next generation of BAS technicians and building operators with a foundational understanding of energy management systems, a focus on whole building systems thinking, and methods for energy savings optimization. The training program outlined in Danielle’s proposal addresses the shortage of qualified personnel to maintain complex HVAC systems and energy saving controls.

“The Climate CoLab competition allowed me to formulate my project ideas into a proposal, receive  support from industry professionals, and launch my project,” Danielle said. “I’m really excited to use the resources I have acquired through the Climate CoLab competition and GreenerU to implement the project.”

Danielle currently works as an Energy Efficiency Engineer, overseeing multiple projects that are designed to reduce energy consumption and increase campus sustainability through upgrades to infrastructure and stakeholder engagement.

About GreenerU

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