Press Release

GreenerU Chairman Rob Pratt joins NECEC in Paris for COP21

December 11, 2015

As the groundbreaking COP21 Paris climate talks wrapped up, Rob Pratt, GreenerU Chairman, joined the NECEC as one of their member delegates to discuss the Northeast as a leader in the clean energy grid on a panel titled ‘Energy Innovation and the US Northeast Clean Energy Grid’ at La Galerie des Solutions in Paris.

During the panel Rob Pratt added that ‘colleges and universities–which are prevalent in every major Northeast city–can play an important role in becoming climate leaders allowing schools to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions, and students can push for a fossil-free environment.’ Rob also highlighted the role that GreenerU takes on as a company of innovators, working with over 30 colleges and universities on extensive energy efficiency and renewable projects in the region.

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