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Brooks School Renovates Athletic Center and Ice Rink: Expects More than $100,000 in Annual Savings

March 11, 2015

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North Andover, MA – Brooks School has fully completed major renovations to the school’s ice rink and building systems. Yearly savings are expected to be more than $100,000 and reduce energy usage by 711,640 kWh per year, reducing current energy use by 16.7%.  In addition, a yearly water reduction of 290,000 gallons is anticipated from the installation of new low flow plumbing.

Throughout construction, Brian Palm, Director of Environmental Stewardship at Brooks School, led the integration of campus sustainability projects in the classroom to apply concepts of sustainability analyses for his students. Brian’s students calculated actual cost savings using utility meters and specification sheets of the equipment that was installed and replaced. Further efforts geared towards fostering energy efficient habits and behaviors in the community included training students to do basic lighting audits for simple lamp replacements.

“The completion of this project raises the bar on campus sustainability,” Brian said. “We’re proud of these renovations and invite the Brooks community to share in a sense of accomplishment for greatly reducing the school’s energy consumption.”

Brooks School now has a visually-engaging slideshow in the ice rink lobby that displays fun facts about energy and water savings, the use of efficient materials, and includes a time lapse video of the entire 6 month renovation process.

“Approximately 80% of a building’s life cycle costs are determined during design,” said Rob Durning, Project Manager at GreenerU. “Brooks School showed a great commitment to the long-term sustainable operations of the rink during this phase by going the extra mile in choosing materials that may cost more up front. These materials ensure that the ongoing operations and maintenance of the building is more sustainable.”

Project work and user engagement campaigns around the Athletic Center upgrades were completed in recent months.  This project is the latest in an ongoing collaboration between GreenerU and Brooks including major energy efficiency upgrades to the Luce Library, a comprehensive energy efficiency program in athletic facilities, and a high efficiency boiler installation in Hettinger dorm. Brooks students have worked with GreenerU on an internship program whereby student interns worked on energy efficiency audits of appliances and orchestrated the replacement of these appliances.  The School also partnered with GreenerU in facilitating a faculty retreat that focused on integrating sustainability topics into existing curricular offerings.

About Brooks School

Brooks School was founded in 1926 by the Rev. Endicott Peabody, headmaster of Groton, who served as the first president of the board of trustees. It was intended that Brooks should be a small school with emphasis on individual attention and close relationships. The main goal was preparation for life, rather than simply for college admission. The school felt an obligation to regard the difficult or less able student as a challenge rather than an obstacle. Efforts were made to provide a maximum amount of flexibility in the curriculum. Athletics were encouraged but considered as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. There was a conscious effort to expose students to the best of the human tradition in literature, the arts and sciences, and to do this in a beautiful setting.

One of the most significant changes in the history of the school was the move to co-education in 1979. Since then, the school has changed from a six-year school of just under 200 boys to a four-year school of approximately 375 boys and girls. Today, Brooks enrolls approximately 166 girls and 209 boys.

About GreenerU

Founded in 2009, GreenerU is a leading provider of energy solutions and services to the higher education and independent school marketplace. Through its core technical capabilities and its unique, integrated behavior change management approach, GreenerU helps colleges and universities save energy, update infrastructure, reduce deferred maintenance, and engage stakeholders to help institutions meet their sustainability goals. Using a best-in-class integrated offering approach to serve the specialized needs of its college and school clients, the Company delivers lasting, high-value solutions to a client base with complex challenges and significant needs.