Yale University

Balancing ecosystem vitality with human health and economic viability

Yale’s vision of its campus is a place where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into the scholarship and operations of the university, contributing to its social, environmental, and financial excellence and positioning Yale as a local and global leader. Through “deep investigation” conservation measures, GreenerU is helping Yale reach its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.

Yale sustainability goals:

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 43% below 2005 by 2020

Annual energy savings


Annual MTCO2e savings


Annual MMBtu savings


As part of Yale’s ambitious energy-efficiency program, GreenerU was hired to identify opportunities to invest in Yale School of Medicine’s laboratory facilities in ways that improved the ventilation and the building users’ experiences of the spaces.

Following a competitive bidding process, GreenerU was selected to perform investigation, analysis, implementation, and ongoing commissioning of work at Yale School of Medicine. Yale’s program centered around laboratory HVAC redesign and optimization, based on computational fluid dynamic modeling of air flows. Additional projects included lighting upgrades, variable frequency drives, pipe insulation, and autoclave upgrades.

In 2017, Yale issued another request for proposals for additional energy-efficiency work, and GreenerU was again selected to perform this work at the Yale School of Medicine. This phase includes measures Yale has previously identified, as well as investigating what Yale has termed “deep-investigation conservation measures”—targeting 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide to wipe out of its annual operations.