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Reducing the carbon footprint of the University of Hartford requires addressing how we use energy and how that energy is generated. The University has undertaken several initiatives over the years to reach a lower footprint—including working with GreenerU to replace outdated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

Annual energy savings


Annual MTCO2e savings


Annual MMBtu savings


In 2015, the University of Hartford looked for assistance with financing and implementing energy-efficiency upgrades and replace old, failing equipment.

GreenerU worked with Connecticut Green Bank (formerly Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority) and the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges (CCIC) to develop a program called Campus Efficiency Now, which was designed to help private colleges in Connecticut pay for energy-efficiency upgrades.

GreenerU leveraged $65,000 in utility incentives to help the University of Hartford realize $160,000 in annual energy savings.


Through Campus Efficiency Now, the University of Hartford was able to employ GreenerU to replace rooftop HVAC units for its athletic center and upgrade ventilation controls in its laboratories without any upfront expense.