Ivy+ Sustainability Consortium

Accelerating sustainability thought and practice in higher education and beyond.

Founded in 2007, Ivy+ supports its 14 institutional members’ work, striving to leverage its collective passion, knowledge, and experience to accelerate sustainability thought and practice in higher education and beyond.

With annual facilitation of the Ivy+ summit and ongoing administrative support, GreenerU has a longitudinal commitment to helping this 14-member consortium share ideas and actions about the most pressing issues in sustainability today.

In 2014, the Consortium sought assistance with facilitation and technical support for collective identity development and strategic planning to develop group consensus, create actionable items to achieve shared goals, and execute an ambitious agenda.

The Consortium wanted to create a more formal and structured organization that would allow it to act decisively, as well as to be nimble and responsive. GreenerU helped the Consortium reach its organizational goals through facilitating a two-day summit, developing collective identity standards, writing and designing a five-year plan, and developing a structure to ensure accountability. After the plan was completed, the Consortium has continued to engage GreenerU as a meeting coordinator to provide structure and process. GreenerU has helped to improve the timeliness, effectiveness, and impact of Ivy+ initiatives, which include convening impactful summits, contributing to Sustainability Operations Action Research (SOAR), and advancing the global sustainability conversation.