Dartmouth College

Confronting one of the foremost challenges facing humankind.

Dartmouth envisions its campus as a place where operations are reimagined to prioritize human and environmental well-being, piloting the best solutions. GreenerU went behind the scenes to help connect this historic campus with building efficiency.

Dartmouth sustainability goals:

80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Annual energy savings


Annual MTCO2e savings


Annual MMBtu savings


In 2012, Dartmouth College was looking for a fresh perspective on its sustainability strategic plan, and engaged GreenerU to assist with developing the infrastructure and processes required to manage energy-efficiency work contracts on campus.

GreenerU has served as program manager for Dartmouth College, coordinating all aspects of retrocommissioning and energy engineering work, scope development, and project implementation since 2012. The program is focused on identifying and implementing a range of projects in targeted buildings. GreenerU worked with Dartmouth to identify target buildings based on a wealth of data available from Dartmouth’s energy monitoring system.

GreenerU manages retrocommissioning subcontractors and develops recommendations for implementation based on the findings in their studies. GreenerU then coordinates with Dartmouth on operational measures that are appropriately handled by Dartmouth staff and provides turnkey implementation services, which includes all design and engineering, materials procurement, hiring and managing subcontractors, commissioning, site safety, turnover, and performance verification.