Columbia University

Tackling sustainability issues through world-renowned research.

Ranging from energy conservation efforts, to award-winning reuse programs and recycling efforts, Columbia is fully dedicated toward creating a greener, more sustainable planet for all. GreenerU is helping Columbia map its way there.

Columbia's sustainability goals:

80% carbon emissions reduction by 2050

Thanks to GreenerU facilitation and strategic planning support, Columbia University now has the buy-in it needs to reach a broad spectrum of sustainability goals.

Columbia University was looking for assistance with its sustainability plan, with broad participation from approximately 40 stakeholders.

The resultant Columbia University Sustainability Plan, entitled Sustainable Columbia, is the University’s first formalized document bringing together sustainability efforts from myriad departments around campus. It is the result of a 16-month focused collaboration with students, faculty, administrators, and scientists working across departments to create a three-year, operations-focused roadmap to create a more sustainable campus. GreenerU guided Columbia University through the process of developing goals, strategies, and actions to advance the school’s sustainability efforts.