Babson College

Making sustainability fundamental to a business education.

As a business school, Babson is aimed at educating tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators. Babson is committed to integrating social and economic sustainability concepts into the business practices of this next generation of leaders and to create resilient, sustainable prosperity. With the help of GreenerU in engineering energy efficiency, change management, and sustainability office management, Babson has integrated sustainability into its pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship.

Babson's sustainability goal:

Carbon neutrality by 2050

In addition to helping Babson achieve more than $270,000 in annual energy savings and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, GreenerU has provided ongoing operational sustainability strategic support and rebranded sustainability at this world-class business school in Wellesley, Mass.

In 2008, Babson College welcomed its 12th president, Len Schlesinger, who started his five-year tenure with bold sustainability initiatives.

President Schlesinger believed that sustainability is fundamental to a business education, so Babson kick-started an Office of Sustainability and simultaneously launched an ambitious energy efficiency program for building operations.

Since 2010, GreenerU has worked with Babson’s leadership to establish a vision and set strategic goals for sustainability at the College, and worked with key stakeholders to develop a framework that will continue to support the program as sustainability at Babson evolves.


This partnership has cultivated a culture of sustainability across campus to tackle issues of resource efficiency and awareness around energy and water conservation, sustainability education, waste management, and sustainable purchasing.

GreenerU conducted a comprehensive energy audit of the campus identifying more than $7 million in energy-efficiency and renewable-energy investment opportunities at Babson College, including comprehensive upgrades at two of the largest energy users on campus: the Executive Conference Center and the Skating Center. Following that, GreenerU leveraged $60,000 in utility incentives to provide design and implementation of $2 million in key energy-saving projects, measurement and verification of savings, and leadership for developing Babson’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. GreenerU also established and continues to lead the Babson Sustainability Office.