No two campuses are alike. That’s why GreenerU isn’t content to merely churn out ready-made, cookie-cutter projects. We dig much deeper to find the right energy and sustainability solutions for your college. We match our seasoned industry experience with a unique focus on services that are tailored to your needs, not ours.

We understand your campus is a complex place. Our expertise and experience with colleges inform and shape the solutions we deliver and how we engage with you. Our flexible approach and breadth of solutions set the stage for uniquely tailored energy and sustainability programs. We design and implement projects that meet your goals for energy and water savings; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; address your deferred maintenance; and engage students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders to make your college a leader in sustainability while reducing costs.

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Energy and Sustainability Needs and Gap Analysis

GreenerU’s experienced team surveys your buildings and infrastructure; gathers and analyzes your energy-use and billing data; and works closely with your facilities, energy, and sustainability managers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your campus. We compare your school to industry benchmarks, mutually review your goals, and jointly develop recommended action plans. What’s more, we don’t just prepare reports. We implement major energy, water, cogeneration, and renewable energy projects.
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Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Programs

After a collaborative review of your facilities, GreenerU can outline the types of energy and water efficiency opportunities available on your campus…the kind that yield not just cost savings but key sustainability benefits as well. We don’t just focus on energy efficient lighting, controls, boilers, and HVAC improvements. We help you address deferred maintenance, innovative financing, communications, behavioral change, and more.
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Construction Management Services

Plans without implementation are just reports sitting in on a shelf collecting dust. GreenerU’s is focused on helping you get things done. Whether parts of your campus need repair, remodeling, renovation, or general maintenance GreenerU can supervise and manage projects that address energy, water, and general operation conservation.
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Sustainability and Behavioral Programs

Improving the physical infrastructure is important, but GreenerU believes that the “people” side of the equation is also critical. Our sustainability and behavioral programs help engage your students and staff and add value in many ways. We help you not only reduce costs, but also achieve carbon emission goals and commitments.
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Renewable Energy and Cogeneration

GreenerU’s management team has decades of experience developing and installing solar, wind, cogeneration, and other clean energy facilities. Combining energy efficiency, renewable, and/or cogeneration projects into a comprehensive sustainability program that significantly reduces carbon emissions is one of our specialties. What’s more, we help make it affordable through innovative financing such as power purchase agreements (PPAs).
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High Performance Buildings

The difference between a traditional green or even LEED building and a high performance building may be huge, locking your college into hundreds of thousands of dollars of energy and water costs that could be avoided. GreenerU can assist your college with an integrated design process that results in a building that may be 40-60+% more energy and water efficient than an equivalent college building.
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Climate Action Plans

We help prepare the Climate Action Plan required to conform to the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. We can also help design affordable, phased-in implementation programs that begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs in the short- and mid-term.
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Custom Programs

Since GreenerU believes in long-term partnerships, we provide a range of services and programs that meet your institution’s specific energy, water, and sustainability needs. We can start small and help you develop an energy and sustainability action plan that ramps up - in most cases, paid for by energy savings.
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Communication and Outreach

When you retrofit your central steam plant or install a new energy-management system, does the whole campus know about it? If not, they should. You’re reducing the college’s carbon emissions and becoming more sustainable. GreenerU will help you spread the good word and build momentum for additional action. We help clients communicate their good work inside and outside the college community.
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Measurement, Verification, and Diagnostics

We stand behind our savings with simple and transparent measurements and verifications of savings. When savings deviate from expected values, we don’t argue, we investigate and help you achieve the anticipated results.
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