You take your responsibilities to the college very seriously. You not only think about the school’s reputation, vision, and students, but how it’s going to meet financial obligations in the coming years. As a trustee, you are keenly aware that this is a challenging time for higher education and that it is critical for the college to make the right choices on the big issues.

So what is sustainability all about? You know that the students are often pushing for action and perhaps you have heard about the President’s Climate Commitment. Is all of this a good thing or just another hit to the budget that will make things worse in meeting other obligations?

Fortunately, GreenerU can help your college achieve a “win-win-win.” We can assist your college in developing and launching sustainability and energy programs that engage students, faculty, and staff in ways that improve campus life and the school’s overall standing. We will work with your facilities managers to reduce energy costs and address deferred maintenance concerns. And we will help your college craft a sustainability vision and action plan that helps your school become a leader on an issue that is increasingly in the forefront for higher education and one that will frame in part the reputation for the college in the coming years.

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