Sustainability Director

Your job didn’t exist 10 years ago, but now you’re at the center of the college’s well-founded desire to be green and do the right environmental thing. You’re not only asked to be the point person with student campaigns, dorm competitions, and transportation proposals, you’re often responsible for filling out the surveys that determine your school’s environmental ratings and rankings. On top of that, you need to stay on top of the President’s Climate Commitment and other such reporting and compliance mandates. Your position may be a relatively new one, but the demands are continually growing.

At times you may feel overwhelmed, but GreenerU can help. Implementing campus-wide sustainability programs is a specialty of ours. We’re experienced in launching and managing Eco-Rep programs, energy-saving campaigns and competitions, or initiatives to raise overall sustainability awareness on campus. We can also help you prepare your school’s Climate Action Plan or implement the CAP’s action steps in logical, manageable phases. GreenerU can suggest options to involve and engage students, as well as the college’s staff and administration. We can also suggest and help implement ways to better fund some of your office’s initiatives, using, in part, streams of revenue from campus energy and water savings.

It’s a challenging position, but the job satisfaction can be great knowing that you’ve helped students, faculty, and staff make a difference. GreenerU can help you pursue impactful programs that are effective, well-communicated, and important in reducing your campus carbon footprint. They’re the programs that make you feel like, at the end of the day, you’ve made something important happen on your campus to bring about sustainability progress.

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