You get it. You know that sustainability and reducing your college’s carbon footprint isn’t a passing fad, and you wonder what life will be like when the increasing effects of climate change become more obvious in the coming decades. You want to begin doing your part - why not start by catalyzing change in your own backyard, at your college?

At GreenerU, we understand your desire to help your college do the right thing by becoming more sustainable and reducing the school’s carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, we founded the company to help colleges become thought-leaders in demonstrating how well-crafted and comprehensive programs can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption while accelerating sustainability.

GreenerU believes that students like you are at the heart of all truly successful college sustainability programs. Your commitment, your passion, and your willingness to put yourself on the line are key. GreenerU can help you and your college with the tough stuff, the engineering, the analysis, the energy efficiency technologies, and the cost-effective roadmap that can lead to getting big things done. It is do-able, and with your help, we can accomplish so much on your campus - together.

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