Facilities Officer

In many ways, your job has changed the most over the past 10 years. Your major issues used to revolve around keeping the buildings and campus infrastructure running in good working order, dealing with deferred maintenance, and thinking about new buildings and upcoming retrofits. Typically, students, faculty, and staff merely wanted reliable electricity, heating, cooling, and building amenities. Now, that’s changed.

These days, you’re centrally involved in figuring out how to reduce your college’s carbon footprint by making your central plant and buildings more energy efficient. In addition to worrying about your school’s deferred maintenance situation, you’re being called upon to undertake a Climate Action Plan. Or to help students implement expanded recycling or composting programs. In many cases, the Sustainability Director reports to you. Your job has become more complicated and demanding.

GreenerU can help with these cross-functional responsibilities. Our highly experienced energy engineers can assist in implementing the big and often complicated energy projects – including large-scale energy efficiency and cogeneration installations – that reduce deferred maintenance and significantly lower emissions. We can tie together what you do with an overall sustainability theme, and communicate to students and the college community just how significant your work is to making your school green. Your position may be more complicated and demanding, but with GreenerU’s assistance, your work may be more appreciated, too.

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