Your mission is to provide superior investment returns at an acceptable risk level. To that end, can sustainability projects help you invest a small portion of the endowment in such a way as to provide a stable, predictable, and growing stream of income for current use while preserving the purchasing power of the fund for future generations? The answer is a resounding yes.

Investments in well managed endowment funds take many forms, from debt to equity securities, to investments in very large companies, to VC backed investments in higher risk assets. While sustainability is not an asset class per se, the thoughtful and innovative financing structures developed at GreenerU can enable the endowment to prudently invest in sustainability projects at your school while adhering to your endowment’s investment guidelines and restrictions.

At GreenerU, one of the important considerations we take into account on large sustainability projects is whether it might be appropriate to structure an endowment investment. Because of the low risk aspect of the transaction, an investment in your campus can be designed such that it not only provides an attractive return, but is liquid in that it can be transferred to other investors if your school would like to access the underlying cash value.

By thinking outside of the box and within the rules, GreenerU can help you create a powerful win-win for your college and the endowment. One that will also earn your school well deserved credit in the various green rating surveys for crafting green investment solutions on your campus.

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