It’s difficult to come up with fresh themes and programs that open up new funding opportunities. Whether for research, student projects, foundation funding, or support from your alumni, finding the “hooks” that resonate with funders is always a challenge.

Sustainability is one of those important new areas that can deliver solid development opportunities. Perhaps you’ve seen how some colleges have become leaders as a result of efforts by the administration, faculty, and students. But what steps should you take to move into a position that helps your school access new funding sources?

GreenerU can help you and your college capitalize on sustainability and climate initiatives as opportunities for not only new learning, environmental leadership and cost savings, but also for new opportunities for securing financial support. Colleges and universities that pursue sustainability solutions properly can create funding avenues that yield higher levels of annual giving, capital gifts, research dollars, planned gifts, and grants. Indeed a leading college recently learned that, on average, alumni who take the initiative to donate to sustainability initiatives donate seven times more than their classmates who donate to the general fund.

Sustainability projects and development activities should go hand in hand, and at GreenerU, they do.

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