Chief Financial Officer

Surprisingly, sustainability is a good-news story for college CFOs. That’s because there’s a clear metric by which you can judge sustainability and energy program effectiveness: carbon emissions reductions. When reviewing program proposals, ask the key question: “What happens to our emissions?” Comprehensive, well-designed sustainability initiatives lower GHG emissions and energy costs at nearly equivalent rates - an excellent outcome for your bottom line. Furthermore, sustainability initiatives are an effective way to address a continuing problem for many schools: deferred maintenance. You can utilize energy savings to help pay for a good portion of your deferred maintenance.

There’s another important benefit of sustainability programs for CFOs. When students and staff are engaged and working to reduce emissions by cutting energy and water consumption, your utility costs go down. They’re happy. You’re happy. Sustainability is a true “win-win” for both you and the college, and the more you reduce your carbon footprint in the years ahead, the better your operations budget looks.

GreenerU can help you achieve these positive results. It’s not easy. It requires a thorough and comprehensive approach to your college’s sustainability and energy needs. But it’s do-able and it works. Let GreenerU partner with you to achieve this beneficial financial outcome.

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