Many of your alumni are involved in environmentally based careers, support clean energy, or advocate for sustainability policies and programs that are important to them and their children. You may even have done a recent story in your college’s quarterly magazine featuring some of your leading graduates making a difference in these areas. And as you increasingly see, sustainability, energy, recycling, and transportation programs offer you new and interesting ways to engage alumni who care about and take pride in the environmental initiatives taking place at your college.

GreenerU can help you and your colleagues foster a greater connection with your environmentally conscious alumni and broader stakeholder community. Not only do we assist the Facilities Office in identifying, designing and implementing projects that substantially reduce energy and water consumption, we help with the all important communications and outreach that can help your office achieve its goals.

Sustainability is gaining momentum as a critical theme that students and college alumni are embracing. GreenerU can help your school design and implement important environmental measures that foster a greater connection with alumni.

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