GreenerU Team


Founded in 2009, GreenerU believes colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to lead the world in mitigating climate change and accelerating sustainability. Our mission is to help them.

GreenerU’s team of specialists are highly experienced in engineering, operations, facilitation and change management.

The Team

  • Management
  • Board of Directors
  • Investor Advisory Board
  • GreenerUS
Rob Pratt Rob Pratt

is the founder, Chairman and CEO of GreenerU. Rob is a nationally renowned expert in clean energy, was founder and CEO of Energia Global, a company that became one of the leading renewable energy companies in Central America, and served as Director of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

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David Adamian David Adamian

is a co-founder of GreenerU and the Senior Vice President. With more than 20 years of engineering and management experience in the energy services industry. In addition to in depth technical expertise, David is skilled at assembling teams to enable success on complex projects.

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David Kopans David Kopans

is a co-founder of GreenerU and the Chief Financial Officer.  Originally a CPA and CMA at Coopers & Lybrand, David was head of finance/CFO for two publicly traded companies and is a serial entrepreneur who has started, operated, and advised software, hardware, biotech, and clean energy companies.

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Kailash Headshot Kailash Viswanathan

is the Vice President of Energy Efficiency for GreenerU.  He is an experienced energy efficiency business leader with 20 years of experience and a drive to succeed with significant accomplishments in developing solutions that create recurring revenues, crafting customer solution value propositions, training, partner identification and execution.

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dallase Dallase Scott

is the Director of Change Management for GreenerU. Dallase is skilled in the nuances of group dynamics and effective facilitation and has leveraged her in-depth knowledge of sustainability, behavior theory, and the operations of higher education to develop GreenerU programs from conception through implementation.

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Barry Headshot Barry Fleischer

Barry Fleischer is the Director of Business Development at GreenerU. With 20 years of experience as a sales professional specializing in design-build energy conservation programs, he has been successful in developing multi-faceted energy efficiency projects and installations for colleges and universities as well as Fortune 100 companies.

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Jim Madej Jim Madej

joined National Grid in 2010 and is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. In this role he is responsible for the company’s strategy on brand, new products, emerging technologies, sales of gas conversion and energy efficiency programs, gas and electric procurement and supply, and customer analytics.

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Paul Ligon Paul Ligon

Vice President for Business Development and Strategy at Casella Waste Systems, a provider of waste services, recycling, organic residual processing, energy, bio-fuels, and closed loop recovery solutions to businesses, universities, institutions, and communities in the Northeast.  He is an experienced leader on resource management issues.

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Doug Foy Doug Foy

is a founder and CEO of Serrafix, a developer of clean tech enterprises focused on energy efficiency, smart growth, sustainable development and climate change.  Doug is a nationally known environmental leader and advocate, and he was the first Secretary of Commonwealth Development in Governor Mitt Romney’s administration.

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Dave Dayton Dave Dayton

is CEO of Clean Energy Solutions which he formed in 2000 to advise municipalities, utilities, and government agencies on energy efficiency program design and renewable technologies.  Dave is a pioneer in energy efficiency and a developer of performance-contracting financing techniques that gave rise to the modern ESCO industry.

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Paul Gromer Paul Gromer

is the founder and President of Peregrine Energy Group, an energy consulting firm.  Paul was the Massachusetts Commissioner of Energy Resources and the Chairman of the MA Energy Facilities Siting Council. He has served as executive director of energy efficiency and solar energy trade associations.

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Rob Pratt Rob Pratt

is the founder, Chairman and CEO of GreenerU. Rob is a nationally renowned expert in clean energy, was founder and CEO of Energia Global, a company that became one of the leading renewable energy companies in Central America, and served as Director of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

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Scott Brown

is the founder and CEO of New Energy Capital, an investment company which has successfully invested in biofuels, renewable power generation and on-site cogeneration.  He has served on the boards of Ze-Gen, Next Step Living and STR, and on the Advisory Council of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Mark Farber

is a developer and financier of photovoltaic installations, and has been a well-known consultant on the global solar power sector. A founder of Evergreen Solar, makers of crystalline silicon solar power products, Mark was president and CEO for almost a decade and was Chairman of the Solar Alliance.

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Dennis Kanin

is a principal of New Boston Ventures, a real estate development company, and was a partner and counsel at Foley Hoag.  Chief of Staff to Paul Tsongas in the US Senate and House of Representatives, he was national campaign manager for the Senator during his 1992 Presidential campaign.

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Jack Kutner

is CEO of Big Belly Solar, a maker of solar-powered trash compactors.  Jack is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and private business owner specializing in mission-based companies with an environmental agenda.  He is the former CEO of First Data Investor Services Corporation, a $380 million organization.

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Jim Lang

is CEO of Decisions Resources Group, a leader in healthcare data, analytics and research.  Prior to DRG, Jim was the President and COO of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, a recognized leader in energy research, and also served as President and COO of Strategic Decisions Group, an energy firm.

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Joanna Lau

is the founder and CEO of LAU Technologies, a management consulting and investment firm that she formed in 1990.  She previously held leadership positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and GE.  In 1995, she won the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award sponsored by Inc. and Ernst & Young.

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Herb Magid

is Managing Partner of Energy Investors Funds (EIF), private equity funds with an underlying asset value of nearly $20 billion.   A member of the Executive and Investment Committees, Herb was an original founder of EIF and is responsible for its overall investment, asset management, strategic planning and operations.

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Mitch Tyson

is an experienced executive, entrepreneur and a leader in clean energy.  Currently the Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the New England Clean Energy Council, he is the former CEO of Advanced Electron Beams, CEO of PRI Automation, and science advisor and energy assistant to Senator Paul Tsongas.

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At GreenerU, we take our sustainability mission seriously. We recognize that we all must take actions, big and small. Like our college clients, we look for the most cost-effective ways to bring about the most impactful results in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenerU strives to provide opportunities for team members to practice our mission of sustainability through everyday office practices. Here are some of the things we’re doing:

    • GreenerUS is a group of GreenerU staff dedicated to realizing GreenerU’s sustainability mission through practicing energy efficiency and change management within our own company operations. The group is composed of four working groups that focus on transportation, energy, material resource management and engagement. Each of these groups works to identify, explore, plan and implement projects that allow GreenerU to lead by example.
    • In our office we have made efforts to build out an energy efficient space through the use of energy efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, high efficiency water source heat pumps, carpet made from 44% recycled content, and countertops made from 75% recycled glass and porcelain.
    • Each year, GreenerU employees participate in the Zero Waste Challenge.
    • Many employees take bikes to work and we encourage green transportation options.
    • We provide Preserve reusable dishware for use in the office.
    • Sustainably sourced and recycled office supplies are purchased whenever possible.
    • Environmentally friendly products including napkins, reusable utensils, and fair trade coffee are purchased for the office.
    • We use a Brita water filter to reduce the need for single use water bottles.
    • Employees are encouraged to print double-sided, black & white copies whenever possible.
    • We reuse paper whenever possible and recycle all discarded paper.

At GreenerU, we believe all of our actions are important. With our highly motivated staff and dedication to sustainability, we will continue to look for new ways to make a difference.