GreenerU, Inc. was created by a founding team that believes colleges and universities are ideally situated to become sustainability leaders while substantially reducing infrastructure and utility costs. Based on many years of clean energy experience in virtually all sectors – commercial and industrial, schools and hospitals, municipalities, small businesses and residential – we’ve concluded that colleges have the best opportunity to demonstrate the dramatic progress that is so needed to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The founders, management, and board of GreenerU have been successful leaders in energy efficiency and renewable energy for decades. We’ve not only helped formulate policies and programs at the national and regional level, we have also “walked the talk” and started and run companies that have developed, installed, or built over $1.3 billion worth of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

What we have learned in our years of experience with clean energy is very good news for colleges. It boils down to this: the more sustainable an institution becomes, the more money it saves. When colleges make their buildings and campuses energy efficient, costs decrease. When students become committed to implementing sustainable practices at their schools, utility bills decrease. When colleges implement well-designed energy and sustainability programs, deferred maintenance issues can be addressed.

We are 100-percent focused on higher education - where we believe extraordinary sustainability progress will be made. And we’re committed to ensuring that our clients lead the way.

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