GreenerU, Inc. is a mission driven company that collaborates with educational institutions to engineer sustainable solutions to energy and engagement challenges. We leverage strategic planning and project management of energy efficiency projects to realize cost savings, achieve energy reduction goals, and address deferred maintenance.


Our unique approach integrates building system improvements with behavioral programs, leverages a team of leading professionals, and customizes services for each campus. This model enables our clients to maximize the value of infrastructure improvements while meeting their campus-wide sustainability goals.


We believe that achieving optimal energy performance on our client campuses requires looking beyond traditional engineering and hardware oriented approaches. Proper commissioning of new systems and retrocommissioning of existing systems are cornerstones of our unique approach, but reflecting campus values in developed solutions and communication of project objectives to – and engagement of – stakeholders is just as critical.


Our Services

GreenerU’s proven approach to solving our client’s challenges is powered by our ability to deliver integrated energy reduction and supply solutions.

Improving Energy Systems

  • Energy efficiency engineering
  • Retrocommissioning
  • Controls upgrades & maintenance
  • Measurement & verification

Engaging Building Occupants

  • Behavioral program design & implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder facilitation & engagement
  • Communications & marketing


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“WPI has partnered with GreenerU and our local utility providers to investigate, design, and implement energy management projects on campus. This partnership has helped WPI make significant progress in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”
– Bill Spratt, Director of Facilities Operations, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“GreenerU has accelerated and enhanced Babson’s commitment to sustainability by tackling issues of resource efficiency and cultivating a culture of sustainability across campus.
– Mary Rose, Vice President of Campus and Community Affairs, Babson College

“Energy reduction is a goal for our campus, but creating global minded and sustainability literate students is our responsibility. GreenerU helps us do both.”
Chris Powell, Associate Vice President of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Initiatives, Brown University

“GreenerU’s knowledgeable, detail-oriented staff have guided us through complex projects that raised the bar on sustainability while addressing deferred maintenance. These projects would not have been possible without their support.”
Brian Palm, Director of Environmental Stewardship, Brooks School

“GreenerU’s combination of energy engineering talent, controls expertise, and attentive project management has helped us significantly accelerate our energy reduction efforts.”
Stephen Shadford, Energy Program Manager, Dartmouth College

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